A website is usually composed of several linked pages. To navigate between different pages, a link (or hyperlink) must be inserted to link them. The network of links between pages determines the structure of a website, and therefore its construction as a whole. Its articulation is centered on the internal links that it involves. Unlike external links that lead to other websites, internal links always refer to other pages on the same site and determine the navigation. In addition, an optimized website structure is favored by search engines and thus improves SEO (SEO for Search Engine Optimization).

Internal Links and Structure: An Overview

Web site navigation should be as intuitive as possible for web users. This is why the basic structure of the menu must be clear and easy to understand, to find your way quickly. The main menu of a site varies greatly depending on its offer and the preferences of the administrator. The user-friendliness of a site and the resulting experience for users nevertheless depends primarily on Web design, which must be given a lot of importance. With the new link building strategies this is the perfect deal now.

  • For an overview of the internal link tree of other sites and get an idea of ​​what the competition is doing, analyze their sitemap. You will find the way all pages are structured, sometimes in a hierarchical way. A sitemap illustrates what are the different categories of a site and the different parts of the menu, and how the elements are related to each other.
  • Of course, you can use internal links outside the main menu of your site. For example, by referring to a subject in a text and referring to it with a link. This is particularly the case of sites such as Wikipedia or other informative portals.

Using internal links for an optimized website tree

Many Webmasters combine link building and search engine optimization with link building, which means getting as many inbound links as possible to your site (backlinks). The goal is to improve the SEO of a site among the search results. Nevertheless, it must be emphasized that things have evolved since the Google Penguin update. Since the leader of search engines has implemented it, it has become more difficult to improve its SEO through link building.

This update was intended to penalize websites that have abused this SEO technique, to the detriment of quality. This is also why more website administrators are now favoring internal links and optimizing their structure. However, knowing that search engines do not formalize the criteria taken into account by their site ranking algorithms, the effectiveness of the mesh of internal links cannot be proven and is based on assumptions. Moreover, these assumptions maintain that the weaving of internal links has less influence than obtaining external links.

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